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  Expolosion-Proof Test Chamber

Volumes from 138 litres to several m3

Climatic chamber of 700 dm³

Hot Cold Humidity
Interior Explosion-proof

* Car industry
* Aircraft industry
* Pharmaceutical industry
* Cosmetic industry
* Paramedical industry

Tests of equipment (flexible + valves) with circulation of hydraulic
fluid and fuel in test of rupture of pressure/tiredness.
Description of the equipment
* The chamber with its partly rear conditioning,
* The control board on a removable box with fixing by magnets,
the electric box on quoted the left of the chamber,
* Software of supervision SPIVALE VS and computer equipement
necessary to its use (PC, printer,...).
Technical Data
The performances are given for a chamber with a charge (*) without
dissipation, and for an ambient temperature of - 20°C with + 35°C.

(*) The charge consists of 25 kg of steel and approximately 60
liters of oil (by retaining flexible devices of dia. 100 mm, dia.
Range : - 65°C/+250°C
Speed of variation with the charge between - 55°C and + 200°C:
In climb: 2 degrees/means minute
In descent: 2 degrees/means minute
Speed of variation with the charge enters - 55°C and - 65°C:
1 average degree/minute
Speed of variation with the charge between +200°C and +250°C:
Between 1 and 1,5
degrees/means minute approximately
Mini temperature : approx. - 70°C
In all points apart 5 cm of the walls and 10 cm of the door after
stabilization, the maximum error tolerated on the instruction is ±
2 degrees, according to standard NF X 15.140.