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  Altitude Test chamber

Volumes from 138 litres to several m3

Climatic chamber 1m³
Hot Cold Humidity Vacuum
-75°C / +200°C
1 mbar

Electronic industry
Car industry
Air Craft industry

Temperature, humidity and depression combined tests on electronics
components supplied under tension of 6000 volts maxianum.

Description of the equipment
The unit including :
The test space with its conditioning at the rear.
The machinery at the back with the electrical cabinet.
The control board in front of the electrical cabinet.
Supervision with SPIVALE VS and control tied by a touch panel.

Technical Data
Range : -75°C to +200°C
Average cooling rate :
10°C/min from +174°C to -37°C with vacuum
Average heating rate :
10°C/min from -37°C to +175°C with vacuum
Stability of temperature ≤ ±0,5°C
Specimen dissipation in test : 2 kW at 30°C.

Range of temperature : from +10°C to +95°C
Range of Humidity : 10 to 98% HR without
dissipation and vacuum (during 4h max).
Homogeneity : ±3% to 10 cm of the walls.

Range : Pa with 1mbar On the range of 100°C with -65°C
Homogeneity of the chamber
Homogeneity of temperature : ±2°C at 10 cm of the walls.
Homogeneity of hygrometry : ±3% at 10 cm of the walls.