Vibration Test Chamber
Altitude Test chamber
Lithium-Ion Batterie Test Chamber
Expolosion-Proof Test Chamber
PV Modules Test Chamber
G type
CM type
laboratory Oven
Industrial Oven
500C Oven
Vacuum Oven
Front loading cabinet
Top loading cabinet
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An attractive and impressive graphical interface for an ultra-sophisticated regulator,

developed thanks to our years of experimentation in climatic .


Spirale 3 new functionalities

Largely based on the structure of Spirale 2, here are the main new functionalities of Spirale 3 :

  • Equipment piloting through the touch-screen, or with the mouse when in office installation with automatic detection
  • Control panel user level change at will without interrupting the test in progress
  • 'Real time' multilingual piloting system and screens without CPU restart
  • USB key management with automatic detection and programmes/tests transfer assistant
  • Control common banner gathering information, signalization by pictogrammes and menu access
  • Optimization of passwords (local / network) management
  • Wide pop-up explicit windows while settings or menu accesses
  • Preventive maintenance by organ which can be planned
  • Auto-test made possible thanks to numerous sensors combining piloting subtleties and an efficient maintenance of the equipment
  • Access eases to the 'User Script', automations manager, via the embedded 'script' language and a tutorial
  • Programmes editor ProgWin and tests manager VisuWIn revisited for unmatched confort thanks to the touch-screen, new functionalities (undo, redo), files management, office version
  • Automatic regular back-up on the hard disk