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  CM type

Modular Chamber (CM)

Volumes from 8 to 100 m3
Temperature from -70°C to +150°C
CLIMATS CM type environmental chambers or Modular Chambers are widely endorsed by their users :
  • because of their important tests volumes
  • because of their mounting adaptability (modular panels)
  • because of their test modes multivalence (Hot, Cold, Temperature, Temperature and Humidity)
  • because their uniformity with all the CLIMATS climatic chambers range

These machines, realized upon specifications, are equipped with test volumes especially dedicated to large size samples.

Tests volumes are optimized according to the geometry, the nature, the mass and the dissipation of the product to be tested.

These chambers are standards that vary according to circumstances.

They benefits from CLIMATS expertise, integrating a ventilation, a refrigerating machinery, an electric board, a SPIRALE piloting system, which are the basics of our constructions.

Pre-assembled in our factory, we reconstruct the structure of this environmental chamber on the costumer site. The flexibility of the manufacturing process enables to build one-piece environmental chambers or chambers equipped with remote machineries in the middle of your premises without worrying about accessibility to the test area.

The adaptability of our chambers enables you to satisfy your space requirements without questioning your present layout (door passage, workshop dismantling, for example).

CLIMATS meets ALL your requirements